Introducing McDonnell's Delicious New Buffalo Glaze

 Introducing McDonnell's Delicious New Buffalo Glaze.

This tender and juicy glaze is the perfect accompaniment for a variety of dishes, including
chicken wings, salmon, chicken breasts, and shrimp.

Craving some delicious chicken wings? Look no further! Our Buffalo Glaze adds the perfect amount of heat and flavour to make your wings truly unforgettable. 
 Looking to spice up your salmon? McDonnell's Buffalo Glaze is the ultimate game­changer. The combination of tender salmon and our fiery glaze creates a mouth-watering experience that will have you coming back for seconds.
Want to add a kick to your chicken breasts or shrimp?

McDonnell's Buffalo Glaze is the perfect choice. The sweet and tangy flavours of the glaze perfectly complement the succulent chicken or shrimp, creating a taste sensation that will have you hooked.

Try our Buffalo Glaze today. Your taste buds will thank you!


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MF Buffalo Glaze 2.5KG
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